Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Simple Things...

We have now discovered that no expensive toy could measure up to Pahli's new favorite plaything: plastic bags! She sleeps on them, gets inside them, and protects them from her toys when they get too close! At this very moment, she's lying on top of one in the sun by the window.

Pahli has also gotten so attached to us that she seems to always wait for us when we leave, no matter how uncomfortable! A few days ago, we went out walking and left Jordan home with Pahli. After hearing Pahli "crying" for about 30 minutes, she went to find her downstairs, and went searching all around the house without any luck. Turns out, Pahli had scrunched herself up into the basket we keep by the door for keys--a basket much smaller than Pahli, and filled with pointy metal keys! So we're trying to teach her that we'll come back and she doesn't need to wait by the door!

Here's another video of Pahli--the toy must have been trying to take her bag away! The best part comes at the end...she must have known she was a celebrity cat being filmed, so she had to pose!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Potty Problems:-(

Maybe I should put a potty in front of the litter box?

I'm determined to solve this mystery! After impeccable use of the litter box for a month, Pahli has started urinating in front of or beside the box sometimes. She hasn't completely stopped using it because I'm still scoopin' clumps each day. For some reason, she just won't go in there sometimes???

The worst part - It's so hard to be mad at her! She knows I'm not happy with her today though - we're kind of ignoring each other and it makes me sad:-(

Back to litter box problem research...I'm up for any and all advice from anyone reading this! Thanks!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pahli Plays!

If you turn up the sound, you can listen to the morning news too:-) She got a little testy this time and made some interesting (scary!) growling sounds and one big hiss. yikes!

Stupid Cats?! Definitely NOT Siamese!

Well, it was kind of hard to do but we left Pahli home alone overnight this weekend. Randy and I went to the mountains on Saturday - we stayed at Cripple Creek Cabins for the night and hiked a little on the New River Trail on Sunday. The Taneys came over to play with Pahli on Sunday. I haven't talked to them yet but I hope Pahli didn't scare them - she can really get crazy when she plays! (I'll try to get a video up soon)

When we arrived at Cripple Creek, we were greeted by....... A Siamese Cat! (and a whole bunch of other cats!) This sign was posted at the entrance to the cabins and when we were greeted by the human owner, he claimed that the Siamese was one of the stupid cats! I'm sure he's completely wrong about that though. That Siamese is obviously so smart that she is just making him believe otherwise:-)
Pahli was glad the see us on Sunday afternoon and we missed her too! As soon as I finished unpacking, she promptly jumped into my lap and we both took a nap! It was a nice getaway but it's good to be home!