Friday, April 24, 2009

There's lots to see out that window!

Finally! Pahli has discovered her perch! Right now, she's enjoying the bee, bird and butterfly show. She's also decided it's a great place for a bath or a nap. The feather toy is still begging to be played with though!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Nurse Pahli

Pahli's been quite busy during her 2nd week with us. She has been my constant companion since I got sick Sunday night and then split time between the 2 of us Wednesday and Thursday when Randy came down with the same thing:-( We're both feeling much better today so Nurse Pahli gets a day off:-) What's a kitty do on her day off?!.........

PLAY! We didn't expect Pahli to be a playful kitty but WOW! She has definitely gotten in touch with her inner kitten!

Sit under the "sunlamp". She's not at all interested in the perch by the sunny window but she loves to "sun" herself under this table lamp.

Go exploring! Right now, she's in the storage area behind the coat closet. She found a blanket in there up on top of some boxes. I guess she's getting some much needed "Pahli time" after all the laptime she's put in this week!

It's hard to believe that it's only been 2 weeks since we traveled to VA to pick her up - it feels like she's been with us so much longer. She's already gotten into a daily routine and isn't skitish with us anymore. She seems to fully trust us now - our only last hurdle is to be able to pick her up (which might take a while but then again, maybe not. We didn't even really expect her to want to get in our laps this soon!)

One last note....Pahli has had the best time getting to know Meredith this week while she is home for spring break. Every morning, Pahli goes on high alert waiting (and waiting and waiting....) for Meredith's bedroom door to finally open! Photo of Pahli and Meredith (and maybe Scott since he will be here over the weekend) coming soon..........

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pahli the Acrobatic Magician Igloo Building Kitty

Pahli is definitely celebrating her 1 week anniversary with us today! She got up this morning in a chipper, talkative, and curious mood and for her first trick of the day, she showed us how she knows how to open cabinets! That was quickly followed by the flying leap the top of the refrig! It was a daring, net worthy near miss - yikes - we are trying to convince her that she is old enough to retire from circus tricks!

Next trick on the list was the disappearing act. Meredith frantically searched the house and finally found her here:

We still can't figure it out but somehow, she arranged that blanket into an igloo herself!

It looks like our adventures have just begun! No need to go out or take a vacation - we've got plenty of entertainment right here:-)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lap Time! Nap Time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Polly a.k.a. Pahli...

We've been in contact with Polly's original owner's family and have made an exciting discovery - Polly has a "pen name"! Her original name "Pahli" is a place in Thailand (Siamese cats originated from Thailand) and we find it unique and exotic so we have decided to spell her name "Pahli".

Pahli's top 10 ways to entertain the new owners:

10. Carry on a conversation about how to cook dinner.
9. Get a catnip rush from the kitty toys.
8. Try out every dining room chair for a napping spot.
7. Watch some kitty "reality TV" a.k.a. the front load washing machine.
6. Try to figure out how to get to that "other" kitty behind the mirrored closet doors.
5. Turn up nose at food but then come back and eat it all when she's not looking.
4. Only let them pet me when it's my idea.
3. Turn on my motor full blast.
2. Ignore that perch they built for me.

And the #1 way to entertain the new owners......give 'em a lap dance! YES!!! She got in our laps tonight!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Well Traveled Cat!

With nearly 850 miles of road behind her, Polly is home! We had a quick and easy trip today after meeting Judy and Patti in Suffolk, VA. Many, many thanks to Judy and Siamese Rescue Metro for helping us adopt Polly!

She rode pretty quietly in the carrier for the first couple of hours. I sat in the back with her and she would talk to me occasionally but mostly just rested and seemed fairly relaxed. About an hour from home, I unzipped the top of the carrier to pet her and she popped out and started checking out the car! I quickly corralled her and soon she laid down in my lap and let me pet her. She even gave me a nose kiss! After about 30 minutes, she jumped back into the carrier and settled in again, very content. It was like she said "OK, I've checked you out now and I'm happy with you!"
We arrived home about 4pm, blocked off the kitchen, and let Polly out of the carrier. She circled the kitchen about 100 times, checking everything out. She is VERY well behaved - she knew what we meant when we said "no jumping on the counter" and "down" the one time she jumped on the kitchen table. And she has such a polite little "meow"! [Huge contrast to Ashes who could be heard "meoooooooooooowing" blocks away!] She drank about a gallon (in kitty measurements) of water and ate some Little Friskies salmon (ahhhh, I've so missed the aroma of cat food:-) She's still warming up to Randy [who she only knew as "the driver"] - he has a small battle wound from moving a little too fast to try to pet her.

Around 8pm, we could see exhaustion setting in. She tested out the carrier, a kitchen chair, the top of the dryer and finally settled into the basket with the blanket we smuggled (shhhhh!) off the plane a couple of weeks ago:-) She's sleeping with her face all tucked under her tail (smart cat - built-in eyemask!)

Hopefully tomorrow we can bring her up to the media room and introduce her to the Polly Perch!